Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Breakfast in Paris + Miscellany

It's interesting how something we desire becomes even more desirable the harder it is to find. Breakfast in Paris (BiP), created by the 45-year-old Portland, Oregon-based Stash Tea Company, has quickly become my new favorite tea. It's a black tea, flavored with lavender, bergamot (the citrus fruit which gives Earl Grey its heavenly scent/flavor), and a dash of vanilla. If you are in a blah mood, you will get a boost; if you are in a good mood, it will get even better. I searched the company's web site to see which of my local "dealers" could provide this particular kind of tea; after some footwork, I learned that although some stores stock certain kinds of Stash Tea, BiP is not among those. So where did I try it originally, you ask? At my local train station. I have now been back there twice just to buy a handful of precious bags each time and each time I get a kick out of requesting a few bags of the Stash.

Elevated by BiP, I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art to hear a lecture on the Merce Cunningham exhibition currently on now through April 30th. In one of the rooms, you are surrounded by screens projecting a variety of dances from different periods of the modern dancer's career. It is magical and inspiring.

More BiP and a visit to the Cultural Center, where my favorite show on now through April 9th is 50 x 50 Invitational/ The Subject is Chicago: People, Places, Possibilities.  Fifty artists, one from each of Chicago's 50 wards, is represented in this exhibition. Some haunting photographs in the Coptic in Chicago series, a large gold-leaf with magnet piece, and the Modern David photo series.

Beware the ides of March tomorrow and Happy St. Patrick's Day~

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