Thursday, July 1, 2010


During the two years I lived in India, I was exposed to more than a few Bollywood films, so I had some idea of what to expect when I went with a friend to see My Name is Khan - lots of color, dancing, music, over-the-top facial expressions, and the obligatory rain storm scene which is meant to imply sex between the protagonists. Yes, some of these elements were present in Khan and the storyline required major suspension of disbelief in some parts. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the film more than I thought. Khan sparked controversy in India and tickets sold out immediately when it premiered in February at the Berlin Film Festival

Afterwards, we went for some excellent Vietnamese food in my neighborhood. We talked about the film and then our conversation turned to the subject of art and film critics. [My friend had been a colleague of the New Yorker film critic, Pauline Kael.] I admire many critics including Kael, and thought of them frequently as I reviewed films, plays, gallery shows, museum exhibitions, and music events in New York and Berlin. However, it occurred to me over the course of the dinner that I no longer want to comment on what others have created. I want to create something myself; therefore, I intend to spend the next several months on a project I began four years ago. 

Karen 5.0 has been a great experience, but now I need to focus my energy elsewhere. Fifteen months and 178 entries later, I thank you for reading. Tschüs!